Our primary purpose is to help educate the individual about the introduction of grape vines for the private estate.  Establishing a vineyard may be for several reasons such as for winemaking, real estate enhancement, erosion enhancements, or just home gardening.

To bridge the gap and help folks get started, Karen Sherman (owner and winemaker of Coyote Oaks Vineyards) and Chuck Sherman (owner of GardenMasters of Redlands) have teamed up to rejuvenate a resurgence of vineyards in the Inland Empire.


You can make wine for the household without a bond or license.  The limit is 100 gallons per adult per household (maximum 200 gallons).  This is plenty enough for personal consumption and gifts for friends and relatives!


The amount of grapes you will be able to harvest from your vineyard depends on the terror and varietals.  It is also dependant on how much fruit is dropped when thinning the vines during their growth cycle, as well as how many vines per acre.  You do not need an acre of land, to be able to make wine.  You can plant a small section of 50 vines and have some fun, as well as purchase grapes.  Often, amateur winemaking clubs put together an order for grapes to be able to access quality grapes from a commercial grower.